Family/Personal Records Organizer: Organize, Secure & Manage Information Easily with InfomationSAFE™ Software & Book – a Complete Solution

 Superior Organization, Protection & Information Management

It’s now faster than ever for you to organize, protect, and manage your critical information with our easy-to-use record keeping system.

We practically did all the work for you so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what information you need to gather, who to contact when you can’t find records, or what’s the best way to organize  your information.

We even share with you time and money saving tips so you can organize your information even faster while saving money in the process.

Here’s what the eBook includes…

‘Your Personal Information Handbook’ is a 120 page step-by-step guide (PDF) on how to organize, protect, and manage your personal, family, and household information. View Table of Contents

The eBook includes….

  • Proven Project Management Strategies that help you get started and manage your time throughout the entire project
    . .
  • Strategies to Easily Maintain and Update your information, so you stay organized
  • How to Organize and Protect Personal Records so they’re easy to maintain and remain safe from fire, water, and theft
  • Time and money saving tips that provide you with personal and financial benefits as you work through each chapter
  • Templates and checklists that help you keep track of tasks and identify what information you need to gather.   View Sample Checklist
  • A bonus chapter on ‘how to keep your credit information safe’ so you can avoid identity theft. It includes step-by-step instructions, a sample letter that you can use when contacting credit agencies, and contact information
  • A comprehensive resource directory that helps you identify who to contact when you can’t find your personal or family records. The directory includes contact information, such as agency names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and more than 54 web links.
    You’ll also have private access to an electronic version of the directory so you can just point and click on the links.

Here’s what InfomationSAFE™ software includes…

InfomationSAFE™ (Download) includes more than 250 pre-desiged templates, to digitally capture critical information (personal, family and household)…there’s even a section for small business.  Your information will be organized into seven intuitive categories.
(Expand categories to view record templates)
+/- Personal Information

+/- Financial

+/- Insurance

+/- Legal

+/- Health Records

+/- Personal Property

+/- Key Contacts

InfomationSAFE™  provides superior organization, protection and information management and is Mac and PC compatible.  You’ll also receive free software updates, when available.
Operating System Requirements | Features & Screenshots | Security Protocols

Take the first step towards organizing your information and buy now:

InformationSAFE SoftwareInfomationSAFE™ Software (Download)
FREE software updates, when available
Price: $50.00
eBook & InformationSAFE SoftwareeBook & InfomationSAFE™ Software (eBook = PDF Download, Software=Download)
FREE software updates, when available
Price: $62.00

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